Cramer Reed 1933
First medical director, Wesley Hospital
Helped bring Kansas University Medical Center to Wichita

Richard Cowan 1940
Congressional Medal of Honor
(click on link  to learn more)

  Rudy Love 1954
Musician, Love Family Band
former member Sly and the Family Stone

  Carl Bell 1941
Former Mayor
of Wichita


  Jean Garvey 1940
Garvey Industries

James Jabara 1942
America's First
Jet Ace

Judy Bell 1954
First woman President of U.S. Golfer's


Dick W. Holmes 1941
Chief Justice
Kansas Supreme Court

Phil Ruffin 1953
Ruffin Companies
World's Largest Maker of Hand Trucks

David Hess 1999
2nd highest SAT 
Score in Kansas
Attended Johns Hopkins

 Martha Davis 1975 Martha
Harvard University Professor,
former NOW Legal Fund Director

. Susanna Mierau 1997
Rhodes Scholar

  Clark Ahlberg 1935
Former President
State University

Dr. Vernon Smith
1944 (January)
Nobel Prize in Economics
News Article 10/09/02

  Tyler Lockett 1951
Kansas Supreme Court Judge

Tara Snyder 1995
Jr. US Open Champ


Delores Stanton Forbes 1940
Mystery and Suspense Author

National Merit

  Ray Romero 1946
First Hispanic Player in the
National Football League


James Stewart Sr.
First African-American 
to "make" a Wichita High School  football team as well as 
the All-City team.
(click on link  to learn more)

Val Jackson 1951
First African American to serve on
Fire Department


Jason Bailey 1995
1998 Kansas Independent Film of the Year


Dr. Malinda Matney 1984
First woman President of Kappa Kappa Psi (National Honorary Band Fraternity) 2007-2009

Wade Henning 1994
Joey Freeman 1992
Tim Dao 1992
Military Academy

  Jill Cobb 1960
Coroner, Pathologist, identified
bodies from Bosnian War

Kay Monk 1989
Michelle Williams 1988
WSU’s Gore Scholarship


Vern Miller 1946
Kent Frizzel 1947
Robert Stephan 1950
Former Kansas Attorneys General



Eric Peters 1989
Chris Whittington 1989
Nikki Thompson 1988
Patrick O’Neil 1988                  
Joseph Sack 1988                            
David Lauer 1988                        


  Kenton Cox 1960
Chief Architect for North Renovation


Shawn Garmon 1988
Known as D.L. Sebastian
Walt Disney Movie Composer

James Snell 1974

Chris Conner 1988
Exploration Place
Education Program Director

  Elbert Mack 2004
Tampa Bay

Andrew Bishop 1988
Jazz Composer & Conductor

W. Eugene Smith 1936
Joe Rodriguez 1987
Wichita Eagle Reporter
Mark McCormick 1986
Wichita Eagle Editor
Barry Sanders 1986
Detroit Lion’s Tailback
Brad Holman 1986
Brian Holman 1983
Major League Baseball


  David Rees Snell 1984

Lynette Woodard 1977
"Best overall athlete to hail from Wichita, KS"

  Paul Humann 1956
Expert on World Warm Water Fishing,
Author, Marine Photographer


Curtis McClinton 1956
Vice Mayor: 
Washington DC, All American 1961

K.U.'s Ring of Honor

Member of Kansas Jayhawks All-Time football team

Richard Sanders 1949
Former Mayor
of Wichita

 Jennifer Parks 1994
Miss Kansas 1996

Vera Miles 1948
Miss Kansas 1948

Morgan G. Otis PhD.  1953
Native American
Current President of 
D-Q University in Davis, California

Last Updated: 1/31/11
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